"Only three Whalephants remain in the universe.
    They swim in the enormous Sidher vats within
    the deepest of the Deepest Temples of Space.
    They await the day when all knowers of the
    Stone are reunited and they will swim the Stella
    Tides to Earth and lead us all Home to Wode.
    That blue star far away."

    Acrimony have always existed, but their incarnation on earth began in 1992. They were woken from their meditation in their Deepest Temples and told of the Stone's wish for them to visit earth and unite all the stoners.

    Their first recording was the 'A Sombre Thought' demo before they released "Solstice Sadness" 7" for Shiver Records before going on to record their first full album, "Hymns To The Stone" on Godhead Records in 1994. Acrimony consider this their first step in 'uniting the stoners, freaks and metal heads'. The next release "The Acid Elephant" E.P. received enthusiastic reviews and they have also had tracks released on 'The Dark Passages II' and 'Burn One Up' compilations.

    Their new album, 'Tumuli Shroomaroom', which translated means "My underground mushroom meditation chamber" sees the band excel themselves with tales of mushrooms and happiness. The album was recorded at the Square Centre, Nottingham amongst psychedelic shamanism, tales of ancient celts, ufo's, bong hits, cheap cider, and mushroom love. 'Tumuli Shroomaroom' was mostly recorded as a live LP, with obvious fuck-ups left in or touched up a little. Acrimony have a distinctive sound which is enhanced by their influences of late '70's music, for example Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and Motorhead. They describe their sound as "metal reborn for the new millennium. The past, present and future of heavy metal".

    In reality Acrimony are five Welsh, hippy metal heads (Dorian Walters-vocals, Stu O'Hara and Lee Davies-guitars, Mead-bass and Darren Ivey-drums), who smoke too much pot, drink too much, hallucinate too much and want to play the loudest, heaviest, grooviest most psychedelic/stoner metal they can. The music is high, not just about being high. Altered states of consciousness are as important to their music as guitars and drums. They don't think it is enough to put on flares and rip off old Boulder Damn riffs.

    Acrimony are united in one cause and that is, to all be united in the groove.

    'Tumuli Shroomaroom' is released through Peaceville on May 26, 1997.

    For further information, please contact:

    Melanie Jones/Doug Wright/Liz Fairweather Tel: 0181 964 9544

    PEACEVILLE Fax: 0181 964 5460
    333 Latimer Road
    London W10 6RA