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Top 5 albums

Omnium Gatherum (FIN) "New World Shadows" promo (2011)

Sabbath Assembly (USA) "Restored to One" LP (2010)

Crystalic (FIN) "Persistence" (2010)
Anssi Tikanmäki (FIN) "Maisemakuvia Suomesta" LP (1981)

Blackfoot (USA) "Marauder" LP (1981)

Top 5 songs
Vaasankatu SS (FIN) "Hesari blues" (2010)
Taken from the 7" "Mummokeikka"
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River (USA) "Goodbye Sweet Dreams"
Taken from the album "True Love Cast Out All Evil"
Burzum (NOR) "Kaimadalthas' Nedstigning"
Taken from the album "Belus"

In Slaughter Natives (SWE) "As My Shield"
Taken from the album"Resurrection - The Return of a King"

Rage (DEU) "Empty Hollow"
Taken from the album "Strings to a Web"

Top 5 DVDs
Doro (DEU) "Classic Diamonds the DVD" (2004)
Kreator (DEU) "At the Pulse of Kapitulation" (2008)
Tarot (FIN) "Undead Indeed" (2008)
Hirax (USA) "Thrash And Destroy" (2008)
Whitesnake (GBR) "Live in the Still of the Night" (2006)
Best albums of 2011
Omnium Gatherum (FIN) "New World Shadows"
Best albums of 2010
Black Magic Six (FIN) "Doomsday Bound"

Burzum (NOR) "Belus

Roky Erickson with Okkervil River (USA) "True Love Cast Out All Evil"
Evemaster (FIN) "III"

Lapko (FIN) "A New Bohemia"

10 best albums of 2009
Amesoeurs (FRA) "S/T"
Church of Misery (JPN) "Houses of the Unholy"
Delta Force 2 (FIN) "Personal Vietnam"
Ghost Brigade (FIN) "Isolation Songs"
Abduktio (FIN) "S/T" MLP
Spiritus Mortis (FIN) "The God Behind the God"
Sólstafir (ISL) "Köld"
The Devil's Blood (HOL) "The Time of No Time Evermore"
Totalt Jävlä Mörker (SWE) "Söndra & Härska"
10 best albums of 2008
Alghazanth (FIN) "Wreath of Thevetat"
Chaosweaver (FIN) "Puppetmaster of Pandemonium"
Diablo (FIN) "Icaros"
Grand Magus (SWE) "Iron Will"
Havoc Unit (FIN) "h.IV+"
Jex Thoth (USA) "Jex Thoth"
Blake (FIN) "Sa7urnus"
Black Magic Six (FIN) "Evil Acupunction"
Medeia (FIN) "Cult"
Shade Empire (FIN) "Zero Nexus"
10 best albums of 2007
Ajattara (FIN) "Kalmanto"

Arch Enemy (SWE) "Rise of the Tyrant"

Candlemass (SWE) "King of the Grey Islands"
Deathchain (FIN) "Cult of Death"
Entombed (SWE) "Serpent Saints"
Hanging Garden (FIN) "Inherit the Eden"
Ministry (USA) "The Last Sucker"
Mors Principium Est (FIN) "Liberation=Termination"
Reverend Bizarre (FIN) "So Long Suckers!"
Swallow the Sun (FIN) "Hope"
10 best albums of 2006
Diablo (FIN) "Mimic47"
Misery Inc. (FIN) "Random End"
Mokoma (FIN) "Kuoleman laulukunnaat"
Pain Confessor (FIN) "Fearrage"
Scar Symmetry (SWE) "Pitch Black Progress"
Shade Empire (FIN) "Intoxicate O.S."
sinKing (FIN) "New Trinity"
Stam1na (FIN) "Uudet kymmenen käskyä"
Verjnuarmu (FIN) "Muanpiällinen helevetti"
10 best albums of 2005
Blake (FIN) "Planetizer"
Candlemass (SWE) "Candlemass"
Deathchain (FIN) "Deathrash Assault"
Kreator (DEU) "Enemy of God"
Rotten Sound (FIN) "Exit"
Scar Symmetry (SWE) "Symmetric in Design"
Stam1na (FIN) "Stam1na"
Swallow the Sun (FIN) "Ghosts of Loss"
Total Devastation (FIN) "Reclusion"
Trivium (USA) "Ascendancy"
5 best albums of 2004
Diablo (FIN) "Eternium"
Ministry (USA) "Houses of the Molé"
Mokoma (FIN) "Tämän maailman ruhtinaan hovi"
Pain Confessor (FIN) "Turmoil"
Wolf (SWE) "Evil Star"
5 best albums of 2003
The Haunted (SWE) "One Kill Wonder"
Katatonia (SWE) "Viva Emptiness"
King Diamond (USA) "The Puppet Master"
Mokoma (FIN) "Kurimus"
Soilwork (SWE) "Figure Number Five"
5 best albums of 2002
Arch Enemy (SWE) "Wages of Sin"
Diablo (FIN) "Renaissance"
In Flames (SWE) "Reroute to Remain"
Soilwork (SWE) "Natural Born Chaos"
U.D.O. (DEU) "Man And Machine"
5 best albums of 2001
Anathema (GBR) "A Fine Day to Exit"
Katatonia (SWE) "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"
Kreator (DEU) "Violent Revolution"
Rammstein (DEU) "Mutter"
System of a Down (USA) "Toxicity"
All-time top 5 albums
Anathema (GBR) "Alternative 4" (1998)
Candlemass (SWE) "Nightfall" (1987)
Mercyful Fate (DNK) "Don't Break the Oath" (1984)
Metallica (USA) "Master of Puppets" (1986)
Slayer (USA) "Reign in Blood" (1986)