Sir Luttinen IS Isänmaa (Fatherland)

This one man project was founded in the beginning of 1996. Sir Luttinen´s musical abilities came forth in Impaled Nazarene´s ghettoblasting music. He left the band in late summer of 1995, due to the musical disagreements, leaving Impaled Nazarene to do whatever they wanted to.

Isänmaa´s music consist of old Impaled Nazarene and something new, aggressive and oppressive. Lyrics are nothing but pure kill and destruction, written in sanscrit, finnish and english. Sir Luttinen plays all the instruments and croaks all alone. All songs are also by Sir Luttinen.

Although name Isänmaa refers to nationalism and is finnish, as well as almost all the songtitles, Sir Luttinen give a fuck about politics or any social matters. Isänmaa´s music and lyrics are meant to KILL!!! And, my god, they do it well!!!

Isänmaa has only one promo-tape out at the time, and it isn´t available for the public, so the crowd just have to wait for the next cult to begin. And the name for it is ISÄNMAA!!!

NEWS UPDATE 12.4.2010!

"Yli peltojen, vetten ja tunturien" is now available for the first time as 7", pic 7" as well as MCD (with a bonus track!) through Primitive Reaction You can also order it from Levykauppa Äx (Finland) or Record Shop X (outside Finland)


"Yli peltojen, vetten ja tunturien" (promo 96)

[Promo cover]

- Isänmaani                         2:02
- Sinä Luot, Tuhoat                 1:44
- Candalat (Sudet)                  2:36
- Kumpujen Kätköistä, Mullasta Maan 1:38
- Siva (Tuho)                       1:55

Sir Luttinen:
Instrumentit, Laulu
Sävellykset, Sanoitukset
Nauhoitettu Isänmaassamme huhtikuussa 1996

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