Mega's music list: Wants

If you have any items from this list, get in touch as I am also willing to buy this stuff for reasonable prices. I also have a weak spot for all kinds of doom metal as well as for 80's heavy/speed/thrash and I am open for all suggestions.

ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT (FIN) "Käärmelautakunta" & "Kinaporin Kalifaatti" (CD)
ARCH ENEMY (SWE) "Doomsday Machine" (CD)
BELPHEGOR (AT) "Lucifer Incistus" (CD)
BIOSPHERE (NOR) any except "Substrata" ,"Patashnik" and "Microgravity" (CD)
CELTIC FROST (SWI) "Tragic Serenades" (LP)
DARKANE (SWE) "Layers of Lies " (CD)
DESASTER (GER) "Angelwhore" (CD)
DEW-SCENTED (GER) "Immortelle" & "Issue VI" (CD)
DUB WAR (UK) any except "Pain" & "Wrong Side of Beautitful" (CD)
ELECTRIC WIZARD (UK) "Dopethrone" (CD)
FINNTROLL (FIN) "Nattfödd+Trollhammaren" (CD)
FU-MANCHU (US) "No One Rides for Free","Dare Devil" and "Eatin' Dust" (LP/CD)
G.G.F.H. (US) "Halloween" (LP/CD)
GOREFEST (HOL) "La Muerte" (CD)
HATESPHERE (DK) "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Black " (CD)
IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES (SWE) "In Slaughter Natives", "Mort Aux Vaches" and "Purgate My Stain" (LP/CD)
ISIS (US) "Panopticon" (CD)
JAG PANZER (US) "Tyrants" and "Dissident Alliance" (LP/CD)
JESU (UK) "S/T" (CD)
KATATONIA (SWE) "The Black Sessions" (CD)
KISS (US) solo album from "Peter Criss" (CD)
KREATOR (GER) "1985-1992 Past Life Trauma" (CD)
LAMB OF GOD (US) "Ashes of the Wake" (CD)
MACHINE MEN (FIN) "Elegies" (CD)
MARTTI SERVO & NAPANDER (FIN) "Martin Joulutervehdys","Aikuinen mies" ja "Avatkaa ovi!" (CD)
MASTODON (US) "Leviathan" (CD)
MESHUGGAH (SWE) "I" &"Catch 33" (CD)
NAPALM DEATH (UK) "The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code" (CD)
NILE (US) "Annihilation of the Wicked" (CD)
NINE INCH NAILS (US) "With Teeth" (CD)
OBITUARY (US) "Frozen in Time" (CD)
OBSCURANT (FIN) "First Degree Suicide" (CD)
OCTOBER 31 (US) "Visions of the End" (CD)
OPETH (SWE) "Ghost Reveries" (CD)
PELICAN (???) any (CD)
RAZOR (CAN) "Custom Killing", "Armed And Dangerous" and "Exhumed" (LP/CD)
RAISON D'ETRE (SWE) "Lost Fragments" (CD)
RATT (US) "Invasion of Your Privacy" (CD)
SOILWORK (SWE) "The Early Chapters" & "Stabbing the Drama" (digipack)
SPINAL TAP (US) "This Is Spinal Tap" (CD)
TANKARD (GER) "The Morning After","Alien","Hair Of The Dog","The Meaning Of Life","Two Faced","Disco Destroyer" & "Kings of Beer" (CD/LP)
TRANSPORT LEAGUE (SWE) "Stallion Showcase" (CD)
TRIVIUM (US) "Ember to Inferno" (CD)
U.D.O. (GER) "24/7" (CD), "Mission No. X'" (CD) & "Thundervision" (DVD)
VIIKATE (FIN) kaikki 7" paitsi "Piinaava hiljaisuus" ja kaikki LPt & "Unholan urut" (CD)
WHORES OF BABYLON (UK) any except "Metropolis" and "Kumari" (LP/CD)