Woods of Belial
Woods of Belial; the audial form of ultimate evil; industrialised black doom exclusively.

It all began in late 1995 when Blood and Wohi got together in their search for a new dimension of musical depression and formed Woods of Belial. In winter, they took a four-tracker to a rehearsal session, captured some ugly black doom metal and released it as their first demo, "Thy Unholy Pentagram". From this moment, everything was set to happen.

In early 1997 Horned Black joined the band and brought some industrial influences with him, giving the first push to the creation of industrialised black doom. The second demo, "Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa! 666 Yndstr Draconis", was recorded and released by Meat Hook Productions in the summer. Necrostorm appeared on the recording, but didn't stay as a permanent member.

Everything was set to happen, but slowly. After all, Woods of Belial was a doom metal band. Recordings for their first full-length "Deimos XIII" begun in 1998, but were ultimately postponed until 2002.

Where did the years go? In 2000, Woods of Belial got approached by Impaler of Trendies Productions, who proposed to release "Deimos XIII" on vinyl. For a while, the project even advanced. Then, Meat Hook Productions retired from business; due to an unfortunate incident in summer 2001, so did Impaler of Trendies. Woods of Belial was without financial shelter and all further plans were withdrawn.

It took until spring 2002 when Woods of Belial eventually got together again. The recordings for "Deimos XIII" were completed by the end of the year, and negotiations with different labels begun. Evidently, no one answered the call.

It was the band's friend and ally Mega who introduced the band to Firebox Records. The deal was made in 2003, and "Deimos XIII" released shortly thereafter. The album was welcomed by the followers of Belial worldwide and paved way for the second full-length. Which, by the way, still isn't recorded.

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